Dominating the Off-Road: The Power of Can-Am Renegade 800


The Can-Am Renegade 800 is an off-road vehicle design for adventurous outdoor enthusiasts.

It is a powerful and versatile ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle) that can handle various types of terrain with ease.

With its 800cc engine, it offers plenty of horsepower to conquer tough trails and rough terrains.

Renegade 800

The Renegade 800 is an off-road vehicle know for its power and performance.

  • It is a type of ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle) design to handle various terrains and provide an exciting riding experience.
  • It is equippement with large, rugged tires that provide excellent traction on different surfaces, be it mud, sand, or rocky trails.

Can Am Outlander 650 MAX XT

The Can-Am Outlander 650 MAX XT is a popular all-terrain vehicle (ATV) know for its performance and versatility.

  • It is manufacture by the well-known Canadian brand Can-Am, which is renown for producing high-quality off-road vehicles.
  • The Outlander 650 MAX XT is equippement with a powerful 650cc engine, making it capable of handling various terrains with ease.


The Can-Am Outlander is a popular all-terrain vehicle (ATV) design for outdoor enthusiasts.

It is manufacture by the Canadian company, Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP).

The Outlander is well-known for its excellent performance on rough terrains, making it a preferred choice for adventurous riders.

Outlander Quad

The Outlander Quad is a fantastic and versatile all-terrain vehicle designed to provide an exciting outdoor experience for adventure enthusiasts of all ages.

Whether you’re an experienced rider or a newcomer to the world of quads, the Outlander Quad offers a safe and enjoyable ride.

CAN AM RENEGADE 800 for sale

If you’re looking for a reliable ATV for sale, the Can-Am Renegade 800 is certainly worth considering:

  1. One of the standout features of the Can-Am Renegade 800 is its robust engine.
  2. Its advanced suspension system ensures a smooth and comfortable ride.
  3. The ATV’s design also prioritizes rider comfort and control.
  4. The Renegade 800 comes with various rider-friendly features, such as adjustable throttle and brake levers, making it easy to customize the controls to your preferences.
  5. Another noteworthy aspect is the Renegade 800’s excellent off-road capabilities.
  6. When looking for a Can-Am Renegade 800 for sale, it’s essential to consider factors such as the ATV’s maintenance history, mileage, and overall condition.
  7. The Can-Am Renegade 800 is a powerful and capable ATV, ideal for those seeking a thrilling off-road experience.

CAN AM RENEGADE 800 top speed

When it comes to top speed, this ATV is capable of reaching speeds of up to 75 miles per hour (120 kilometers per hour).

This remarkable velocity allows riders to experience thrilling adventures and cover long distances quickly.


  • Engine: 799.9cc V-twin liquid-cooled engine
  • Power Output: Approximately 71 horsepower
  • Transmission: Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) with forward, neutral, and reverse gears
  • Drivetrain: Selectable 2WD/4WD with Visco-Lok auto-locking front differential
  • Suspension: Double A-arm front suspension with 9 inches (22.9 cm) of travel, Torsional Trailing arm Independent (TTI) rear suspension with 9.3 inches (23.6 cm) of travel
  • Ground Clearance: 10.5 inches (26.7 cm)
  • Brakes: Dual hydraulic disc brakes on the front and rear
  • Tires: Carlisle Badlands 25x8x12 front, Carlisle Badlands 25x10x12 rear
  • Fuel Capacity: 5.4 gallons (20.5 liters)
  • Length: 86 inches (218.4 cm)
  • Width: 46 inches (116.8 cm)
  • Height: 45.8 inches (116.3 cm)
  • Wheelbase: 51 inches (129.5 cm)
  • Dry Weight: 704 pounds (319.3 kg)
  • Rack Capacity: 35 pounds (15.9 kg) front, 70 pounds (31.8 kg) rear
  • Towing Capacity: 1,300 pounds (589.7 kg)
  • Color Options: Various color schemes available

Can Am Renegade 800 vs Raptor 700

The Can-Am Renegade 800 and the Yamaha Raptor 700 are two popular choices for enthusiasts seeking thrilling adventures. Both the Can-Am Renegade 800 and the Yamaha Raptor 700 are outstanding off-road vehicles, each excelling in different aspects:

  • The Renegade 800, manufactured by Can-Am, packs a robust engine that delivers high horsepower and torque, allowing riders to conquer challenging trails with ease. On the other hand, the Yamaha Raptor 700 is no slouch either, with a powerful engine designed for exhilarating acceleration and top-notch speed.
  • Can-Am Renegade 800 shines with its advanced suspension system that absorbs shocks and bumps, providing a smooth and comfortable ride. On the other hand, the Yamaha Raptor 700 features a well-tuned suspension system that ensures excellent stability and control, enhancing the overall riding experience.
  • The Renegade 800 boasts a rugged and aggressive appearance, showcasing its off-road prowess. Similarly, the Yamaha Raptor 700 boasts a sporty design with sleek lines, appealing to riders looking for a stylish ride.

How much is a Renegade 800?

A new Renegade 800 ATV typically ranged from $10,000 to $15,000.

  • However, it’s essential to check the latest prices from reputable dealers or online listings to get the most up-to-date information.
  • The price of a Renegade 800 can vary depending on the specific model, condition, and location.

Can-Am Renegade 800 horsepower?

It boasts a powerful engine that generates around 71 horsepower.

This ample horsepower allows the Renegade 800 to defeat tough terrains with ease and provides thrilling rides for adventure enthusiasts.

Are Can-Am Renegades 4×4?

Yes, the Can-Am Renegades are 4×4 vehicles. They are design with four-wheel-drive capabilities, allowing power to be deliver to all four wheels simultaneously.

The 4×4 system ensures that the Renegades can overcome various outdoor adventures with ease and confidence.

Are Can-Am Renegades reliable?

The reliability of Can-Am Renegades varies based on several factors:

  1. Generally, Can-Am is renown for producing dependable off-road vehicles.
  2. The Renegade line offers a mix of sportiness and versatility, suitable for various terrains and activities.
  3. Regular maintenance and proper usage play a vital role in ensuring the longevity and reliability of any vehicle, including Renegades.

The Can-Am Renegade 800 is a force to be calculate with when it comes to dominating off-road terrain. Its powerful engine, robust chassis, advanced suspension system, and intelligent 4×4 capabilities combine to create an unparalleled off-road experience. With this ATV at your command, you can confidently embrace the thrill of conquering the wild outdoors while enjoying the utmost safety and comfort throughout your adventurous journeys.

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