Dollar Car Rental: The Affordable Car Rental Company

Dollar Car Rental is one of the most popular and affordable car rental companies in Canada and worldwide. With a large fleet of vehicles, including economy cars, SUVs, trucks, luxury vehicles, and more, Dollar aims to provide quality vehicles at cheap rental prices.

In this article, we will dive into the key things you need to know about Dollar Car Rental, including an overview of the company, the types of vehicles in their fleet, rental rates and fees, pickup and drop-off processes, loyalty program benefits, and tips for getting the best deal on your next Dollar rental. Whether you need a car for a road trip, business travel, or just getting around town, this guide will provide helpful information to make your Dollar rental experience smooth.

Overview of Dollar Car Rental

History and Company Info

Dollar Car Rental was founded in Los Angeles, California in 1965. The company aimed to provide affordable and convenient car rentals as an alternative to taxi cabs. Dollar became a wholly owned subsidiary of Chrysler Corporation in 1990 and was eventually acquired by Hertz Corporation in 2001.

Today, Dollar operates as a subsidiary brand of Hertz, sharing the same fleet of vehicles. However, Dollar positions itself as the value brand, offering lower rates and cheaper pricing than Hertz to remain an affordable option for customers.


With over 1,500 locations worldwide, Dollar has an extensive network of corporate-owned and franchise rental sites across the United States, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, Latin America, and Europe. This makes them one of the largest car rental companies globally in terms of locations.

Dollar has around 70 rental locations nationwide in Canada, including all major cities and airports. So whether you need to rent a car in Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Calgary, or other cities, you can easily find a conveniently located Dollar rental office.

Fleet of Vehicles

Dollar offers a diverse lineup of rental vehicles to meet different needs and budgets. Here’s an overview of the types of cars available:

Economy Cars

Economy cars are ideal for budget-conscious travelers and offer excellent gas mileage and compact size for easy parking and city driving. Popular models include the Nissan Versa, Toyota Yaris, and similar vehicles. These are the cheapest cars to rent from Dollar.

Compact and Midsize Cars

Compact and midsize car rentals provide the perfect balance for families, couples, and business travelers needing more space and comfort. Examples include the Toyota Corolla, Nissan Sentra, Honda Civic, and similar 4-door sedans.

Full-size Cars

Full-size car rentals like the Chrysler 300, Chevrolet Impala, and Ford Fusion offer even more interior room while still getting decent fuel economy. Great for longer trips and group travel.

SUVs and Minivans

Dollar’s SUVs and minivans like the Ford Escape, Jeep Compass, Dodge Grand Caravan, and similar models are perfect when you need extra cargo and passenger capacity. From midsize to full-size SUV options are available.

Luxury Vehicles

For special occasions or indulgent trips, rent a luxury vehicle from Dollar. Choices include BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Cadillac, Infiniti, and other high-end imported vehicles.

Trucks and Vans

Businesses and adventure travelers can rent cargo vans, pickup trucks, box trucks, and other specialty vehicles from Dollar for ample cargo space and utility features.

So whether you need basic transportation or a memorable occasion ride, Dollar likely has a rental vehicle to meet your needs. You can reserve specific makes and models online during booking.

Rental Rates and Fees

Dollar prides itself on offering cheap daily, weekly, and monthly car rental rates. Exact pricing varies by location, dates, vehicle type, and other factors. Still, you can generally expect very affordable base rental fees starting as low as $15-20 CAD per day for economy-class bookings. Adding extras like GPS or car seats will increase your total rental cost.

Here are some other standard fees to be aware of from Dollar:

  • Location surcharges for picking up or dropping off at airport or downtown locations
  • Underage renter fees for drivers 21-24 years old
  • Additional driver fees
  • Fuel service fees if you don’t return the car in full
  • Mileage overage charges if you exceed the free mileage allowance
  • Late return fees if bringing the car back past the scheduled time

Tips for Getting Cheap Rates

  • Book well in advance – last-minute rentals are the most expensive
  • Opt for weekend or weekly rentals instead of daily
  • Avoid renting at airports that have higher location fees
  • Sign up for Dollar email promos and loyalty programs for discounts
  • Use coupons and discount codes found online
  • Rent economy or compact cars for the lowest base rates

Loyalty Program Benefits

Joining Dollar’s Express Loyalty Program is free and earns you perks like:

  • Faster reservations and check-out
  • Free membership upgrades
  • Exclusive coupons and promotions
  • Prize drawings and bonus points
  • Priority lines during peak periods
  • Free additional driver fees

You earn points each time you complete a Dollar rental that can be redeemed for future rental credits or other rewards. Their top membership tiers offer the most benefits, so rent frequently to elevate your status.

What is the cheapest way to rent a car from Dollar?

Booking well in advance, opting for airport shuttle service instead of airport pickup, renting economy or compact vehicles, and using coupons and loyalty discounts are some of the best ways to get Dollar’s cheapest rates. Avoiding extras like GPS and additional insurance will also minimize costs.

What is Dollar’s age requirement for renting a car?

You must be at least 20 years old to rent from Dollar. Drivers under 25 will be charged an underage fee.

Does Dollar offer one-way car rentals?

Yes, one-way rentals are available between certain cities and locations for an extra fee. Check Dollar’s website to see if a one-way rental is possible for your route.

Can I use a debit card to rent from Dollar?

Dollar accepts debit cards to reserve and pay for your rental if you meet their credit and ID requirements. Debit card renters may face slightly higher deposit hold amounts.

How can I avoid hidden fees from Dollar?

Awareness of all the possible fees like airport surcharges, underage renter fees, and fuel/mileage overage fees and proactively avoiding those you don’t need through your rental selections is critical to minimizing unexpected charges.

Tips for Renting with Dollar

Here are some final tips for unlocking the best rates and experience with Dollar Car Rentals:

  • Avoid the counter lines by checking in online ahead of time
  • Purchase Dollar’s prepaid fuel plans to avoid refueling fees
  • Review all charges on your receipt before leaving the lot
  • Book any add-ons like GPS or child seats in advance for lower rates
  • Extend your rental with online self-service instead of waiting in line
  • Please take advantage of their mobile app for reservations on the go
  • Sign up for email and text offers sent to members only
  • Enroll in their Express Rewards loyalty program for extra discounts
  • Reserve larger vehicles well in advance since quantities are limited


For affordable rates across a wide selection of newer model rental cars, it’s hard to beat Dollar Car Rental. Their convenient neighborhood and airport locations network, loyalty perks, and frequent web-only deals make them a top choice for saving money on business and leisure car rentals. Review all options in your destination and consider any membership benefits to unlock Dollar’s lowest costs. With a smooth pickup and drop-off process and excellent customer service, Dollar aims to deliver quality vehicles without breaking your travel budget.


Quad for Sale – Find the Perfect Recreational or Utility ATV

Quads, also known as all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) or four-wheelers, are powerful and versatile machines that allow you to traverse a wide range of terrains. Buying a quad for sale can be an exciting but challenging experience with so many options. This comprehensive guide will provide expert insights to help you find the ideal quad for your needs and budget.

Introduction to Quads for Sale

Quads emerged in the 1970s as recreational vehicles but have since expanded into intense racing competitions and indispensable utility vehicles for farmers, hunters, and outdoor enthusiasts. As their popularity grew, so did the variety of available models.

Today, youth models are designed for beginner riders, mid-sized utility and sport models capable of light-duty hauling and trail riding, and high-powered sports models built for racing, dunes, and mudding. Prices range from under $1,000 for youth and entry-level models to $15,000+ for specialized racing quads.

When searching for a quad for sale, carefully consider where and how you plan to ride to choose the appropriate size, engine configuration, and features. This guide will walk you through the key factors to weigh when buying a quad:

Choosing the Right Type of Quad

The quad market is often divided into categories based on size, engine power, and intended use:

Youth ATVs

  • Engine size: 50cc to 110cc
  • Rider size: Designed for kids ages 6-11
  • Usage: Learning to ride under adult supervision; ideal for trails and flat terrain

Recreational ATVs

  • Engine size: 70cc to 400cc
  • Rider size: Teens and small adults
  • Usage: Trail riding and light utility use

Sport ATVs

  • Engine size: 400cc to 700cc
  • Rider size: Average-sized adults
  • Usage: Dune riding, mudding, motocross and racing

High-Performance ATVs

  • Engine size: 700cc to 1000cc
  • Rider size: Experienced adult riders
  • Usage: High-speed desert and dunes; professional racing

Utility ATVs

  • Engine size: 300cc to 700cc
  • Rider size: Any size capable rider
  • Usage: Farm work, hunting, heavy hauling and towing

Remember your size, skill level, and how you plan to use the quad. A youth model may be tempting for the lower cost, but it will need more power and capabilities than an adult rider. Conversely, a large racing quad would be risky for a beginner to control.

Key Features to Look for When Buying a Quad

While specific features vary across ATV models, there are some universal factors to consider:

  • Engine size – Measured in cc or cubic centimeters, the engine size determines the quad’s horsepower and torque. More cc’s equates to more speed and hauling capacity.
  • Drive type – Most quads are either 2WD or 4WD. 4WD improves traction and is better for rugged terrain, while 2WD models are lighter and more nimble.
  • Transmission – Options include automatic, manual, and semi-automatic transmissions. Automatic is easiest for beginners, while manual transmissions allow experienced riders to control gearing.
  • Suspension – Independent rear suspension improves ride comfort and traction. Wider tires and shocks with more travel also absorb bumps better.
  • Additional features – Look for power steering, locking differentials, winches, storage racks, and hitches to enhance utility use. Sport models offer grippy tires and rim and body protection.

Matching the quad’s capabilities with your needs and skill level is crucial to choosing the suitable model. Work with a trusted dealership to test drive different options in your budget to find the best fit.

Buying New vs. Used Quads for Sale

The advantages and disadvantages of buying new versus used quads include:

New ATVs


  • Latest designs, technology, and safety features
  • Warranty protects against early repairs
  • Customize with preferred colors and options
  • There is no unknown history of previous damage or neglect


  • A much higher purchase price
  • Higher depreciation when new models are released
  • I may need to wait for delivery after ordering

Used ATVs


  • Significant cost savings over new
  • Often available immediately
  • A more comprehensive selection of models and brands
  • Ability to buy higher-end models for less


  • No factory warranty protection
  • Potential for undiscovered mechanical issues
  • Unknown past use and accidents
  • Limited options to customize

If opting for use, have a mechanic inspect it before purchase and ask for maintenance records. Many dealers also offer certified pre-owned quads that undergo inspections and include a warranty.

Where to Find Quads for Sale

The best places to buy new and used quads include:

  • Local ATV dealerships – Offer test rides, assistance choosing the suitable model, financing options, parts/service departments, and sometimes demo model sales.
  • Private sellers – Usually the cheapest way to buy used but higher risk than dealers. Inspect thoroughly before purchasing.
  • Auctions – Bid on quads sold by dealers, distributors, and owners. It allows access to a vast selection, but models sell as-is.
  • Classified ads – Scour sites like Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, and ATV Trader for locals selling their quads. Arrange an in-person inspection before exchanging money.
  • Online retailers – There is a large selection of new models available for home delivery from sites like and Limited ability to test drive and high shipping fees.

Shopping local dealerships and classified ads are intelligent ways to find quality used quads while supporting community businesses. Always test drive and thoroughly inspect any used ATV before making an offer.

Factors That Impact Quad Pricing

Quad prices vary immensely based on the model’s size, capabilities, and condition. The most crucial pricing factors include:

  • Engine size – More engine CCs mean more speed and power. Larger engines command higher prices.
  • Brand – Respected brands like Honda, Yamaha, Polaris, and Can-Am cost more for their reputation and quality.
  • Age and usage – Newer and lower-mileage quads have higher values. Modifications also increase used prices.
  • Condition – Quads with damage, worn parts, and neglected maintenance sell for less. Storing indoors helps the condition.
  • Additional features – Options like power steering, aluminum wheels, tow hitches, and winches boost value.
  • Local demand – Prices fluctuate based on the number of buyers searching for your area’s specific make and model.

Setting a reasonable budget and sticking to it is vital when browsing tempting high-end quads for sale. Focus on condition over accessories you can add later to find the best value.

What size quad is best for a beginner adult rider?

Beginners should start with a mid-range 400cc to 500cc quad. This gives you enough power for trail riding without being overly challenging to control as a new rider.

Can you finance a used ATV?

Like new models, many banks and dealers offer financing for used quads. Rates are higher for used vehicles.

How much does an average quad cost?

Prices range widely but expect to spend $4,000-$8,000 for a quality mid-sized recreational quad from a leading brand like Honda or Yamaha.

Is it hard to learn to ride a quad?

Riding quads can be challenging initially, but take it slow and practice starting and stopping in open areas. Enroll in a hands-on training class if available in your area. Always wear safety gear while learning.

What questions should I ask a private quad seller?

Key questions include why they’re selling, how they used the quad, recent repairs and maintenance, any accidents or damage, and whether they have service records to provide.

Financing Options for Quad Purchases

Very few buyers can afford to pay cash for a quality new or used quad. Financing brings ownership into reach through manageable monthly payments. Ways to finance an ATV purchase include:

  • Loans from banks and credit unions – offer competitive rates and flexible terms; approval is based on credit scores.
  • Dealer financing – Many ATV dealers partner with lenders to offer on-site financing with instant decisions. Rates may be higher.
  • Manufacturer promotions – Special low-rate offers directly through brands like Polaris, Can-Am, or Honda. Great for those with good credit.
  • Rent-to-own – Make payments over 12-24 months, then own the quad: higher overall costs but immediate ownership.
  • Home equity loans – Leverage available equity in your home if you have sufficient equity. Offers tax-deductible interest.
  • Personal loans from family/friends – Avoid high interest by borrowing from people you know. Set clear terms for re-payment.

Secure pre-approval from your lender before visiting dealerships so you know what you can afford. Carefully read all financing terms before signing to avoid surprises.


Purchasing the right quad for sale is an exciting experience, provided you define your needs, research options extensively, and test models that fit your budget. Focusing on condition over the year or accessories provides the best value. Consider financing ahead of time if needed to gain access to quality quads you’ll enjoy for years.

Connect with local dealerships and private sellers in your area to browse a wide selection of new and used models. Inspect and test drive any used ATVs before making an offer or commitment. With an understanding of the various types available, features, pricing, and financing options, you’ll soon be exploring trails and backroads on the perfect quad!


Motorcycle Show 2023: The Latest Models and Must-See Events

The new year is an exciting time for motorcycle enthusiasts. Many are looking ahead to the motorcycle show season to check out the latest models and accessories. From major events like the Toronto and Calgary motorcycle shows to smaller regional shows, there are plenty of opportunities in 2023 to see the newest motorcycles firsthand.

This article will provide an overview of some of the top motorcycle show 2023 and highlight new models and gear that visitors can expect to see. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or just getting started, these shows offer something for everyone.

Toronto Motorcycle Show 2023

The Toronto Motorcycle Show is one of the biggest motorcycle shows in Canada. Occurring annually in February, it attracts major manufacturers and thousands of visitors each year.

What’s New in 2023

Some of the highlights anticipated for 2023 include:

  • Harley Davidson – Harley is expected to showcase its new lineup of electric motorcycles. This includes the highly anticipated LiveWire One, an electric cruiser motorcycle.
  • BMW Motorrad – BMW will likely feature its updated touring bikes, such as the R1250RT with enhanced ride modes and audio system. Their new concept electric motorcycle may also make an appearance.
  • Indian Motorcycle – Indian is bringing a stripped-down, bobber-style bike called the Super Scout Bobber. It promises to deliver an old-school, no-frills riding experience.
  • Yamaha – Yamaha plans to introduce adventure and sport touring editions of its popular Tracer 9 GT model. This provides more options for long-distance touring.

What to See and Do

Beyond seeing the latest models, the Toronto show offers attendees:

  • Test rides – Try out brand-new motorcycles from various manufacturers.
  • Custom bike displays – Check out amazing one-of-a-kind custom builds.
  • Motorcycle stunt shows – Be wowed by pro stunt riders showing off their skills.
  • Gear and accessories – Find the latest must-have motorcycle apparel, parts, and accessories all in one place. Major retailers like 1st Gear Motorcycle will be present with special show discounts.
  • Seminars – Attend seminars led by experts on topics like motorcycle maintenance, road trips, laws, and more.

With so much to see and experience, the Toronto Motorcycle Show is a must-visit event for Canada’s motorcycle community.

Calgary Motorcycle Show 2023

Another major show in Canada, the Calgary Motorcycle Show takes place each March at Stampede Park. It’s a huge showcase of motorcycles of all styles, plus riding gear, parts, and more.

What’s Planned for 2023

Some anticipated highlights include:

  • Live demos from Yamaha showcasing the off-road capabilities of their WR450F and YZ250X motorcycles.
  • Harley Davidson is expected to present their new Nightster model designed for urban riding.
  • Attendees can check out Kawasaki’s latest Vulcan S Cruiser, now with enhanced seat and suspension.
  • Royal Enfield plans to showcase their 2023 Bullet 500 with classic styling and modern amenities.
  • The BMW Motorrad section will display an array of touring, adventure, roadster, and electric motorcycles.

Things to Do

Beyond motorcycle displays, the Calgary show will feature:

  • Motorcycle stunt performances are sure to thrill audiences.
  • Custom motorcycle builders show their talents through unique one-off builds.
  • An entire section is dedicated to riding gear like motorcycle pants, helmets, boots, and other riding apparel.
  • Accessory vendors provide ideas for motorcycle parts and customization.
  • Ticketed training seminars on topics like motorcycle maintenance, laws, road trips, and more led by experienced riders.

For any motorcycle lover near Calgary in March 2023, the show is a must-attend event and a chance to immerse yourself in the motorcycle world.

What are some top motorcycle shows in Canada in 2023?

Some of the biggest motorcycle shows in Canada include the Toronto Motorcycle Show and Calgary Motorcycle Show. These major shows happen annually and attract all the top motorcycle manufacturers.

What types of new 2023 motorcycles will be unveiled?

Visitors can expect to see new model year bikes across all segments including electric motorcycles from Harley Davidson, new cruisers from Indian Motorcycle, updated touring bikes from BMW and Yamaha, and much more.

What activities happen at motorcycle shows besides new bike unveilings?

Shows always feature stunt shows, custom bike displays, vendors selling gear/parts, seminars led by riders, demo rides, food, entertainment, and more.

How can I save money at a motorcycle show?

Check ahead of time for discount admission coupons and early bird pricing. Vendors and sponsors also often provide show-only discounts and prize giveaways.

Are regional motorcycle shows worth attending?

Absolutely! Regional shows offer a chance to support local businesses, connect with your community, get special pricing, learn about upcoming events, and more in a laid-back setting.

Smaller Regional Motorcycle Shows

Beyond the major shows in Toronto and Calgary, motorcycle enthusiasts across Canada can check out regional shows in their communities. These often take place during the spring and summer months.

What to Expect

Some things you may see at regional motorcycle shows include:

  • Local dealers showcasing their latest inventory of new models. This is a great chance to sit on bikes and get a feel for different makes and styles.
  • Displays and demos from local motorcycle parts and accessory vendors. Find that perfect customized seat, exhaust system, or chrome accent to make your bike your own.
  • Groups like the Royal Canadian Legion and Veterans Motorcycle Units attend to raise funds and awareness for their causes. This adds a fun social atmosphere.
  • Custom motorcycle builders unveiling their unique, one-of-a-kind bikes. Regional shows are a great place to connect with local builders.
  • Nearby rider training schools and motorcycle license programs promoting their services. Take advantage of special show enrollment rates.
  • Food trucks, local bands, bike giveaways, and other fun activities make regional shows an enjoyable community experience.

Reasons to Attend

Here are some of the great benefits of attending smaller regional motorcycle shows:

  • Support local businesses and connect with people in your riding community.
  • Learn about nearby events, rallies, charity rides, and other motorcycle activities happening in your area.
  • Get special discounts only offered to show attendees by vendors and sponsors.
  • Learn about rider training and licensing straight from your local providers.

No matter your experience level, regional motorcycle shows offer a laid-back way to celebrate the riding lifestyle while supporting businesses in your community.


The motorcycle show 2023 season kicking off in 2023 has lots of exciting events in store for riding enthusiasts across Canada. From the biggest shows like Toronto and Calgary to local weekend gatherings, these shows are the perfect place to see the latest model year motorcycles, find must-have gear, and connect with the motorcycle community.

With so many new bike models coming for 2023 like Harley Davidson’s electric LiveWire or Indian Motorcycle’s stripped-down Super Scout Bobber, the shows give riders a first look at what’s to come. And the stunt shows, seminars, and displays make for an unforgettable experience. Any motorcycle lover is sure to find something that excites them at these upcoming shows.


Coupe Chevrolet 2023: The Iconic American Sports Car Continues to Deliver Exhilarating Performance

Coupe Chevrolet 2023 has long held an esteemed reputation for producing some of the most iconic American sports cars to ever grace the open highway. For decades, Coupe Chevrolet have captured the hearts of drivers with their athletic styling, throaty V8 rumble, and thrilling performance capabilities. The 2023 model year continues this legacy, with the refined yet rambunctious Corvette spotlighting Chevy’s sports car lineup.

An Overview of Chevrolet’s 2023 Coupe Offerings

While SUVs and trucks may dominate Chevrolet’s current catalog, the brand still caters to those seeking a nimble two-door able to carve up twisty canyon roads. For 2023, Chevrolet offers three main coupe models:

  • Chevrolet Corvette: Serving as the flagship of Chevy’s sports car fleet, the mid-engine Corvette offers exotic-rivaling performance at a relative bargain. Available as a coupe or convertible, the latest ‘Vette generation introduced in 2020 remains relatively unchanged for 2023.
  • Chevrolet Camaro: Slotting in below the Corvette, the Camaro provides big V8 power and track-ready handling in a more affordable package. Coupe and convertible body styles are offered.
  • Chevrolet Spark: As Chevrolet’s smallest and most affordable model, the subcompact Spark is aimed at budget-minded buyers seeking basic transportation. A tiny turbo engine provides sprightly acceleration.

While not a dedicated sports car, the Camaro in particular represents an iconic coupe infused with Chevrolet’s racing heritage. Next, we’ll take a closer look at Chevy’s resident pony car competitor.

The 2023 Chevrolet Camaro: American Muscle Meets Modern Refinement

Ever since its introduction in 1967, the Chevrolet Camaro has remained an automotive icon revered for its muscular styling and potent V8 performance. The 2023 Camaro carries on this legacy while incorporating contemporary comfort, technology, and safety advancements.

Potent Engine Lineup

At the heart of the 2023 Camaro lies a trio of powerful engine choices:

  • Turbocharged 2.0L 4-cylinder – Making 275 horsepower, this turbo-four provides brisk acceleration for an entry-level model. Fuel economy is rated at 25 mpg combined for automatic transmission models.
  • 3.6L V6 – With 335 horsepower on tap, the available mid-level V6 strikes an appealing balance between performance and efficiency. It returns 19 mpg in the city and 29 mpg on the highway.
  • 6.2L V8 – For the ultimate in American muscle, the available 6.2-liter V8 cranks out 455 horsepower, allowing 0-60 mph runs in under 4 seconds when paired with the 10-speed automatic transmission. Expect 16 mpg in city driving.

Whether you opt for four, six, or eight cylinders, the Camaro offers exhilarating acceleration. Magnetic Ride Control adaptive damping further elevates the driving experience. This technology “reads” the road surface and instantly adjusts the shock absorber firmness to enhance control.


What engines are available in the 2023 Chevrolet Corvette?

The Corvette is powered by Chevy’s 6.2L V8 Small Block engine, making 490 horsepower with the standard exhaust or 495 horsepower with the available performance exhaust. No other engines are offered.

Does Chevrolet offer any hybrid or electric coupes?

Not at this time – all 2023 Chevy coupes are powered exclusively by traditional gasoline engines. The Corvette and Camaro emphasize performance, while the Spark subcompact prioritizes value and efficiency. An electrified or hybrid Chevy coupe could potentially debut later this decade.

Which 2023 Chevrolet coupe gets the best gas mileage?

The Spark is Chevrolet’s most fuel-efficient coupe, earning an EPA-estimated 29 mpg city, 38 highway, 33 combined with its standard 5-speed manual transmission. Its fuel economy dips slightly to 27/35/30 mpg with the CVT automatic.

What are some new 2023 Corvette features or updates?

As an all-new model introduced for 2020, the mid-engine Corvette remains mostly unchanged going into the 2023 model year. New features include exterior paint color options as well as Amazon Alexa capability. Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are now standard.

Does Chevrolet offer extended warranties or maintenance plans?

Yes, Chevrolet provides their Certified Service program on new vehicle purchases. This includes 1 year/12,000 miles of roadside assistance and maintenance visits. Extended warranties are available up to 6 years/100,000 miles from the original in-service date.

A Driver-Focused Interior with Technology Enhancements

The 2023 Camaro keeps drivers focused on the road ahead, with an intuitive interior layout, excellent outward visibility, and available ambient interior lighting. An 8-inch touchscreen with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and in-vehicle apps is now standard across the lineup for improved connectivity. Heated and ventilated front seats are also now offered, providing comfort in all seasons.

Advanced Safety Technology Comes Along for the Ride

While performance remains front and center, Chevrolet also equips the latest Camaro with helpful accident avoidance technology. This includes:

  • Forward collision alert
  • Automatic emergency braking
  • Rear cross-traffic alert
  • Rear parking assist sensors
  • Rear vision camera

Camaro owners can enjoy peace of mind knowing their prized Chevy sports car helps provide an added degree of protection. Forward collision alert and automatic braking are particularly valuable when driving at night or during long road trips.

With its brawny V8 engines, captivating design, and a blend of performance and refinement, the 2023 Chevrolet Camaro continues a proud lineage of American automotive icons. Interested buyers should visit their local Chevy dealer for a test drive.

The 2023 Chevrolet Corvette: America’s Supercar Cements Mid-Engine Greatness

The recently revamped Chevrolet Corvette captured worldwide headlines and eager buyers alike when it transitioned to a mid-engine platform for 2020. This radical change catapulted the ‘Vette into an elite group of exotic sports cars costing double or triple the price. Yet the value-packed Corvette remains an attainable dream car for thousands of loyal Chevy fans. As the halo of the brand, the 2023 Corvette raises the bar even higher.

Choose Your View: Coupe or Convertible

The Corvette is available in coupe or convertible body styles, both offering an athletic sculpted shape. Owners who select the retractable hardtop convertible can enjoy open-air motoring at the press of a button. A unique rear section was engineered to retain coupe-like body rigidity.

Designed to Be Driven Year-Round

While mid-engine exotic sports cars tend to be finicky and challenging to drive in inclement weather, Chevrolet built the Corvette to be usable year-round. Features like an advanced traction control system, all-season performance tires, and a nose lift allow the ‘Vette to handle rain, snow, and speed bumps with aplomb.

America’s Supercar Retains Attainable Pricing

The new Corvette checks all the boxes exotic car shoppers look for, from breath-taking design and blistering performance to daily drivability and cutting-edge tech. Yet it starts just above $60,000 – thousands less than comparable European rivals. This makes the Chevrolet Corvette a special supercar accessible to more sports car enthusiasts.

With more power, greater agility, and leading-edge engineering, the 2023 Corvette takes America’s sportscar icon to new heights. It retains a relatively bargain price for a mid-engine exotic. Interested buyers should experience Chevy’s world-class supercar for themselves with a test drive at their local dealership.

Which Chevrolet Coupe Best Suits Your Needs?

Chevrolet offers three distinct coupes across its 2023 model range. Below we summarize the key strengths and ideal buyer for each dynamic two-door.

2023 Chevrolet Corvette

Best for: Performance enthusiasts seeking supercar looks and acceleration without the six-figure price tag. The phenomenal handling and V8 soundtrack make every drive special.

Key strengths: Precise mid-engine handling, formidable V8 power, and everyday livability.

2023 Chevrolet Camaro

Best for: Younger buyers and longtime fans seeking a quintessential American muscle coupe. Strong V6 and V8 engines provide quick acceleration.

Key strengths: Iconic styling, track-capable handling, more affordable than Corvette.

2023 Chevrolet Spark

Best for: Budget-minded singles or young couples needing an inexpensive commuter car with sporty styling. Excellent fuel economy and maneuverability for urban areas.

Key strengths: Subcompact dimensions, thrifty turbo engine, low purchase price.

Whether you’re looking for the ultimate American supercar, a sharp pony car, or basic transportation, Chevrolet has you covered with its diverse coupe lineup. Discerning drivers are sure to find a dynamic two-door that meets their needs and sparks emotion.


The Coupe Chevrolet 2023 model year sees Chevrolet carrying forth its legacy of dynamic American coupes. The Corvette and Camaro represent over a century of Chevrolet racing heritage distilled into street-legal packages. More affordable offerings like the Spark coupe bring a sporty two-door style to buyers on a budget.

With choices spanning from the exotic mid-engine ‘Vette to the tiny turbocharged Spark, Chevy coupe buyers have diverse options when shopping for their ideal blend of performance, practicality, and value. Each model provides an expressive, driver-focused alternative to the crossovers and SUVs currently dominating dealer showrooms. For driving purists, a 2023 Chevy coupe remains a special proposition.


Mercedes CLA 250: Performance Perfection

The Mercedes CLA 250 is a compact luxury sedan that offers a balance of sleek styling, agile handling, and potent performance. As an entry-level model in the Mercedes lineup, the CLA 250 delivers an appealing combination of luxury, technology, and driving dynamics. This detailed review of the CLA 250 will examine its standout features, performance capabilities, and reasons it continues to impress drivers.

The CLA 250 debuted in 2014 as an all-new model for Mercedes. Lower priced than the C-Class sedan, the CLA 250 targeted younger buyers looking for an affordable way into the Mercedes brand. Despite its compact size, the CLA 250 retains the elegance and refinement expected from a Mercedes vehicle.

Key highlights of the CLA 250 include:

  • Sleek, coupe-like styling that turns heads
  • Turbocharged 2.0L engine delivering potent acceleration
  • Quick-shifting 7-speed dual-clutch transmission
  • Available 4MATIC all-wheel drive for enhanced grip
  • Leading technology and safety features
  • Luxurious cabin with high-end materials
  • Engaging handling and sporty driving dynamics

Offered as both a front-wheel drive and a 4MATIC all-wheel drive model, the CLA 250 balances athleticism, comfort, and Mercedes prestige in an elegant package.

Styling and Exterior Design

The most immediate impression made by the CLA 250 is its eye-catching coupe silhouette. Lower and more comprehensive than a traditional sedan, the CLA 250 has a sleek, athletic shape that makes it appear ready to leap off the line.

Fluid Body Lines

Sweeping character lines flow from front to rear, conveying motion even when the CLA 250 is parked. The sloping roofline and frameless side windows complement the coupe-inspired shape. Despite its compact footprint, the CLA 250 retains a look of elegance with LED accent lighting and polished exterior details.

Sporty AMG Line Trim

The available AMG Line trim enhances the CLA 250’s bold styling. AMG upgrades include:

  • AMG front and rear bumpers
  • Diamond grille with Mercedes star
  • 18” AMG alloy wheels
  • Lowered sport suspension

With the AMG Line package, the CLA 250 looks ready to deliver on its aggressive appearance.

Modern Color Choices

Mercedes offers the CLA 250 in a range of eye-catching exterior colors, including Jupiter Red, Night Black, and Cirrus White. Vibrant paint colors and sweeping body lines give the CLA 250 head-turning curb appeal.

Engaging Driving Dynamics

Despite its small size, the CLA 250 delivers an enriching driving experience. Comfortable yet athletic, the CLA 250 provides agile handling and a refined ride.

Responsive Steering and Handling

The CLA 250 has a quick, direct steering feel that provides ample feedback from the road. The standard lower sport suspension ensures controlled body motions when cornering. Adaptive dampers are available to enhance ride and handling further. With its sport-tuned chassis, the CLA 250 changes direction eagerly and hugs the road through twists and turns.

All-Wheel Drive Grip

The 4MATIC all-wheel drive system actively varies torque distribution between the front and rear wheels for maximized traction and control in all conditions. The CLA 250 4MATIC maintains grip and composure even in wet weather or snow. The 4MATIC system also improves acceleration while reducing understeer during spirited driving.

Braking Performance

Large ventilated front disc brakes and solid rear discs provide strong and consistent braking power. The CLA 250’s standard brake assist system helps shorten stopping distances in emergencies. This winning blend of secure braking and sharp handling gives the CLA 250 sport sedan abilities exceeding its small size.

Turbocharged Power and Performance

The heart of any Mercedes is its engine, and the CLA 250 is no exception. Despite its reasonable price point, the CLA 250 packs a punch with its turbocharged engine.

Potent 2.0L Turbo Engine

Under the hood lies a 2.0L turbocharged 4-cylinder engine that churns out 208 horsepower and 258 lb-ft of torque. This willing powerplant delivers satisfying acceleration whether merging onto highways or dashing up to speed on rural roads. Turbo lag is minimal thanks to the engine’s twin-scroll turbocharger design.

Quick-Shifting Transmission

Putting the power to the pavement is a 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission that provides rapid, crisp gear changes. The powertrain’s responsiveness heightens the CLA 250’s sporty character.

Strong Acceleration

The CLA 250’s front-wheel drive accelerates to 60 mph in only 6.9 seconds, while its all-wheel drive with 4MATIC requires just 6.6 seconds. Passing and merging are effortless, while in-town drivability remains smooth and unstrained. With ample low-end torque, the CLA 250 pulls hard across the rpm range.

ECO Start-Stop Function

This helps reduce fuel consumption and emissions during idling. Despite the fuel savings, the system operates unobtrusively, restarting before the driver releases the brake.

Luxurious and Tech-laden Cabin

Stepping inside the CLA 250 reveals an inferior belying its affordable pricing. High-end materials, user-friendly tech, and Mercedes craftsmanship come together in the well-designed cockpit.

Premium Appointments

Even base CLA 250 models include MB-Tex faux leater upholstery that looks and feels upscale. Available leather seating and authentic wood trim further enhance the luxury appeal. Double topstitching on the dashboard and doors adds to the crafted, tailored look. While snug, the cabin uses space efficiently for good room front and rear.

State-of-the-Art Techno ogy

A centrally mounted 8-inch screen handles the CLA 250’s infotainment system and can be controlled via touchpad or voice commands. Bluetooth, HD radio, and mobile app integration come standard, while navigation and premium audio are available. Other available technology aids include parking assist, blind spot m monitoring, and wireless phone charging.

Helpful Driver Assistance Features

Going beyond the expected, Mercedes eq ips the CLA 250 with numerous advanced driver assistance systems. Highlights include:

  • Collision prevention assist
  • Attention Assist
  • Adaptive braking technology
  • Lane-keeping assist
  • Rear camera

These systems can intervene to help avoid accidents in critical situations.

Key Reasons to Choose the CLA 250

The Mercedes CLA 250 warrants strong consideration thanks to its compelling blend of virtues:

  • Athletic handling – Eager steering and confident grip make the CLA 250 a joy to drive on curvy backroads. The lowered sport suspension enhances agility.
  • Potent turbo engine – The 2.0L turbo generates plenty of punch for merging and passing, even at highway speeds—all-wheel drive improves acceleration and grip.
  • Upscale interior – With a beautifully crafted, tech-loaded cabin, the CLA 250 punches above its price class in terms of luxury feel. Refinement is comparable to pricier Mercedes sedans.
  • Head-turning style – The swooping coupe-like shape attracts attention everywhere it goes. The AMG Line package further amplifies sporty allure.
  • Leading technology – From advanced driving aids to the intuitive infotainment system, the CLA 250 delivers the innovation drive expected from a Mercedes.

For drivers seeking a balanced blend of prestige, performance, and practicality, the Mercedes CLA 250 hits the sweet spot.

What is the gas mileage of the CLA 2 0?

With its efficient turbo engine and Eco Start-Stop system, the CLA 250 achieves up to 26 mpg city and 38 mpg highway. Adding 4MATIC all-wheel drive only slightly reduces highway mileage to 36 mpg.

Does the CLA 250 come with a sunroof?

A power tilt/sliding panorama sunroof is available on CLA 250 mo els. The sunroof provides abundant light and adds an extra dose of style.

What safety ratings does the CLA 250 earn?

The CLA 250 achieves top scores in IIHS and NHTSA crash testing, including a 5-star overall safety rating from NHTSA. Mercedes also equips the car with its latest accident prevention technology.


With the CLA 250, Mercedes has created an impressively well-rounded compact luxury sedan. One thrilling package combines a red-carpet interior, head-turning style, engaging performance, and sophisticated technology. The turbo engine delivers a pleasing punch, while the ort-tuned chassis provides athletic moves.

Offering luxury car refinement at an attractive price point, the CLA 250 represents accessibility to the Mercedes brand for younger buyers. Five years after its introduction, the Mecedes CLA 250 remains a standout that melds substance and style seamlessly.


BMW 320i: The Ultimate Driving Machine for Enthusiasts

The BMW 3 Series has long been regarded as the quintessential sports sedan. For decades, driving enthusiasts have lusted after these ultimate driving machines for their unparalleled performance, luxury, and style. Of the many variants in the 3 Series lineup, the BMW 320i remains a popular choice among buyers.

The BMW 320i sits towards the lower end of the 3 Series range in terms of performance and price. However, it still carries the key traits BMW is known for: sharp handling, refined powertrains, and upmarket interiors. Since its debut in 1975, the 3 Series has undergone several generational updates. The 320i designation has been used for the entry-level variant throughout these iterations.

In its current F30 generation that debuted in 2012, the 320i is powered by a 2.0-liter TwinPower Turbo 4-cylinder engine making 180 horsepower. This provides sprightly performance for everyday driving while maintaining decent fuel efficiency. The 320i uses an 8-speed automatic transmission that delivers smooth, quick shifts. Rear-wheel drive comes standard, with xDrive all-wheel drive optional.

Key Features and Technologies in BMW 320i

Despite its position in the lineup, the 320i still comes well-equipped with premium features inside and out. Here are some of the highlights:

Exterior Design

  • The iconic BMW kidney grille and corona headlight design give an athletic look.
  • Aluminum satin trim around windows for upgraded style
  • Power folding mirrors with heating and auto-dimming functions
  • 17-inch V-spoke light alloy wheels
  • LED fog lights and rear lights with BMW’s L-shaped styling

Interior Decor and Tech

  • Leatherette upholstery with high-gloss black trim for a luxurious feel
  • Power front seats with driver memory function
  • Automatic climate control with microfilter to keep cabin air purifier
  • HiFi speaker system and USB audio interface for music enjoyment
  • iDrive system with a 6.5-inch display for infotainment management
  • Rearview camera and parking sensors for assistance during maneuvers

Safety and Convenience Technologies

  • Dynamic Stability Control to enhance traction and prevent skidding
  • Keyless entry and engine start for convenience in getting in and starting up.
  • Rain-sensing windshield wipers that automatically activate when wet
  • Tire Pressure Monitor to stay informed about tire air pressure.
  • Remote services like vehicle finder, remote door unlock, and stolen vehicle recovery

Performance and Efficiency

  • 2.0-liter TwinPower Turbo 4-cylinder engine produces 180 hp and 200 lb-ft torque
  • 8-speed Steptronic automatic transmission with sport and manual shift modes
  • Rear-wheel drive standard, xDrive intelligent all-wheel drive optional
  • Lightweight aluminum suspension components for agile handling
  • Electric power steering for optimal feedback and effort based on speed

Driving Dynamics and Performance

While not the highest-performing 3 Series model, the 320i still carries the BMW DNA for a sporty, engaging drive. Here’s an overview of the key driving attributes:

Acceleration and Power Delivery

The TwinPower Turbo engine provides smooth, linear power delivery in the 320i. Turbo lag is minimal, allowing off-the-line solid acceleration. 0-60 mph comes in an estimated 6.5 seconds with the 8-speed automatic. There’s always ample power for merging onto highways or passing slower traffic. The transmission shifts quickly to keep the engine in its optimal rev range.

Ride and Handling

The 320i maintains the poised, balanced ride quality the 3 Series is revered for. The chassis soaks up bumps and provides confident stability at highway speeds. The suspension dampers out vibrations without feeling overly soft. Minimal body roll allows the 320i to carve through curvy backroads. The steering feel is sublime, giving clear feedback for placing the vehicle exactly where intended.

Braking Performance

Large disc brakes provide strong stopping power. The brake pedal gives a firm, linear feel that inspires confidence. Anti-lock brakes and dynamic brake control help maintain stability and steering control during hard stops. Brake fade is kept in check even during repeated heavy braking. Overall, braking distances are short for the class.

Fuel Efficiency

Thanks to the turbocharged engine and 8-speed transmission, the 320i delivers respectable fuel economy and peppy acceleration. Rear-drive models earn 36 mpg on the highway, while AWD-equipped 320i xDrive models achieve 35 mpg. Even around town, fuel efficiency stays in the mid-20s. This allows the 320i to avoid the gas-guzzling reputation often associated with sports sedans.

Comparing the 320i xDrive and Rear-Wheel Drive Models

The BMW 320i offers buyers the choice between standard rear-wheel drive or optional xDrive all-wheel drive. Here’s how the two versions differ:

  • Traction – xDrive provides more off-the-line traction, particularly in wet or snowy conditions. This gives added acceleration on slippery surfaces. The RWD 320i relies solely on the rear tires for grip.
  • Handling – The RWD layout favors enthusiastic driving with its tail-happy dynamics and easily rotated rear end. xDrive has more understeer dialed in for stable cornering in all conditions.
  • Cost – xDrive adds around $2,000 to the 320i’s starting MSRP. RWD models are more affordable upfront. However, the added traction of AWD may help resale value down the road.
  • Fuel Economy – Thanks to less drivetrain loss, the RWD 320i is rated 1 mpg higher on the highway than the xDrive version (36 mpg vs. 35 mpg). Expect slightly better real-world economy from the rear driver as well.

What transmission options are available on the 320i?

The standard transmission is an 8-speed automatic. No manual gearbox is offered. The automatic provides smooth shifts and responsive performance. Paddle shifters allow manual control of gear changes.

How is the rear-drive 320i different from the all-wheel drive 320i xDrive?

xDrive gives the 320i added traction and stability in poor conditions. The RWD model is sportier and more tail-happy but may struggle for grip in snow or rain. RWD also gets slightly better fuel economy.

Does the 320i come with any standard driver assistance features?

All models include a rearview camera, front and rear parking sensors, collision warning with city braking function, lane departure warning, and rain-sensing wipers. Additional options are available.

How does the backseat accommodate passengers?

The rear seats offer good legroom and headroom for the segment. Three adults can fit comfortably for shorter trips. The seats are sculpted and include a center armrest pass-through. Child seats are easy to install using the LATCH anchors.

What luxury features are available inside the 320i?

Options include leather upholstery, heated front seats, ambient cabin lighting, navigation, satellite radio, wireless charging, a WiFi hotspot, a premium Harman Kardon sound system, and a head-up display.

Owning and Maintaining a BMW 320i

Due to the precision engineering and quality materials involved, BMWs have a reputation for higher than average ownership costs. However, the 320i offers a relatively affordable way into the brand. Here are some things to know about owning and maintaining one long-term:

  • Insurance – Premium will be 10-20% higher than an equivalent basic midsize sedan. Comprehensive coverage is recommended, given repair costs. We can help offset this by selecting higher deductibles.
  • Maintenance – Required every 10k miles or annually. Will average $200-300 for essential services at BMW dealerships. Use OEM or high-quality parts to maintain longevity.
  • Repairs – Labor rates around $125/hour or more at dealers. DIY can save over 50% on basic repairs. Expect premium component pricing (e.g., $1,000+ for new brake pads and rotors).
  • Fuel Costs – Requires premium 91+ octane fuel for maximum performance and efficiency. Lifetime fuel costs are similar to other 4-cylinder midsize sedans.
  • Long-Term Reliability – Below average projected ownership period of 7-10 years. Preventative maintenance is critical. Watch for cooling system, gasket leaks, oil leaks, and electronics issues.


The BMW 320i remains a staple of the 3 Series lineup, appealing to entry-level buyers seeking accessible BMW performance and prestige. Its turbocharged engine delivers smooth, punchy acceleration while maintaining impressive fuel economy. The chassis provides the excellent handling and comfort the brand is known for. Inside, buyers get a tastefully appointed cabin with premium materials and user-friendly technology.

For those who dream of zipping along curvy backroads in a German sports sedan, the 320i brings this fantasy within reach. It offers a winning combination of BMW’s lauded driving dynamics in a relatively affordable package. Given its engaging performance, high-end interior accommodations, and strong value proposition, it’s easy to see why the 320i continues to win over driving enthusiasts looking to enter the BMW family. Its balance of strengths makes it a smart choice both as a daily commuter and a weekend warrior.


Experience Thrills: Camaro for Sale Canada

For decades, the Chevrolet Camaro has captured the hearts and imaginations of drivers across North America. This iconic pony car epitomizes power, performance, and style. For driving enthusiasts in Canada looking for their next thrill ride, a Camaro for sale Canada may be the perfect choice.

The Camaro has a rich history stretching back over 50 years. First introduced in 1967 as Chevrolet Camaro answer to the wildly popular Ford Mustang, the Camaro quickly carved out its niche. With muscular styling and potent V8 engine options, the Camaro embodied the raw power and swagger of 1960s and 70s muscle cars.

Over its six generations, the Camaro has continued to evolve. Second, third, and fourth-generation models added sleeker designs and more advanced engines. The latest fifth and sixth-generation Camaros recapture the aggression and bold styling of the original incorporating cutting-edge performance technology. From the chrome grilles to the signature taillights, today’s Camaro is instantly recognizable pushing boundaries.

Why Buy a Camaro in Canada?

For driving enthusiasts north of the border, buying a Camaro in Canada has several advantages:

  • PerformanceVARIETY – Canadian Camaro models mirror most US offerings. Shoppers can choose from four exhilarating engine options ranging from the turbocharged 4-cylinder to the 650-horsepower supercharged V8 in the ZL1. Transmission choices include fun-to-drive manuals or faster-shifting automatics.
  • Styling – Inside and out, the Camaro turns heads. The latest models boast an athletic stance, sculpted lines, and aggressive front ends. Drivers can opt for the convertible to feel the wind in their hair. The interior surrounds occupants with retro-inspired gauges and excellent fit and finish.
  • Value – With GM Canada’s manufacturing presence, Camaros sold in Canada often have more competitive pricing and incentives the US. Fuel economy is respectable, given the performance on tap. Reliability is good, according to Consumer Reports.
  • Customization – From paint colors to racing stripes to alloy wheels, Camaro shoppers have thousands of ways to personalize their pony car. A wide array of dealer-installed accessories and performance parts allow fine-tuning.

Key Features of the Camaro

A few of the stand-out features that make the Camaro a top choice for Canadian gearheads:

Powerful Engine Lineup

  • Turbo 4-cylinder – 275 horsepower, 295 lb-ft torque
  • 3.6L V6 – 335 horsepower, 284 lb-ft torque
  • 6.2L V8 – 455 horsepower, 455 lb-ft torque
  • Supercharged 6.2L V8 – 650 horsepower, 650 lb-ft torque

Refined Handling and Ride

  • Responsive steering provides precise control around corners
  • Performance suspension tuning delivers agile handling with comfortable ride quality
  • Brembo brakes (on SS and ZL1 models) give incredible stopping power

Aggressive Exterior Styling

  • Iconic front grille and fascia deliver an athletic, muscular look
  • Sweeping creases and lines create visual motion and excitement
  • Optional ground effects and spoilers enhance aerodynamics

Driver-Focused Cockpit

  • Sport-styled front seats provide support and comfort
  • Retro-inspired instrumentation with crisp digital displays
  • Leather-wrapped flat-bottom steering wheel feels excellent in-hand
  • Optional HUD (heads-up display) projects critical data onto the windshield

What fees and taxes should I expect purchasing a Camaro in Canada?

On top of the negotiated vehicle price, expect to pay GST/HST, licensing and registration costs, PPSA fees, air conditioning tax, potential luxury tax on high-end trims, and any dealer documentation fees. Shops in different provinces will have different taxes.

What type of insurance coverage should I get on a Camaro in Canada?

Experts recommend getting more just basic coverage. Given the Camaro’s performance capabilities and frequent customizations, collision, comprehensive, and liability insurance are highly recommended. Gap insurance protects against total loss. Compare quotes from insurers like Belair, Intact, TD, etc.

Are there any differences between Canadian-market Camaros and US models?

Very few. Canadian Camaros must meet bilingual labeling requirements on window stickers and owner’s manuals. Virtually identical performance specs, technology features, and options compared to US counterparts in a given model year. Availability of specific colors or special editions may vary slightly.

What aftermarket upgrades help make the most of my Camaro’s performance?

Popular first mods include cold air intakes, cat-back exhausts, short throw shifters, and tuner chips/programmers. Lowering springs, big brake kits, and broader performance tires are helpful. For forced induction, supercharger and turbo kits are available. Work with reputable tuner shops for optimal results.

Shopping for Your Canadian Camaro

Ready to find your perfect Camaro? Here are some tips for shopping and buying in Canada:

  • Browse online listings – Most Chevrolet dealers have their inventory with prices listed on their websites. You can search for specific configurations. Online classifieds like AutoTrader and Kijiji have private-sale Camaros.
  • Get pre-approved financing – Having financing lined up from your bank or credit union visiting dealers gives you negotiating leverage. You can lock in rates ahead of time.
  • Consider leasing – Leasing is popular with Camaros you can enjoy the latest models every few years. Monthly payments are lower financing. Just be mindful of mileage limits.
  • Inspect history reports – Order a CarProof or Carfax report to check for accidents, ownership history, liens, and import status on any Camaro you want to purchase.
  • Compare trim packages – The 1LS, 1LT, 2LT, 3LT, 1SS, 2SS, and ZL1 have varying performance levels, tech, and amenities. Test drive different trims to find the right fit.
  • Check for incentives – Dealers often advertise bonus cash offers, low financing rates, or other savings to boost sales. See available on the Camaro you purchase.

Enjoying Your Camaro to the Fullest

The thrill of owning a Camaro doesn’t end you take delivery. Here are some ideas for getting the most out of your pony car:

  • Join a Camaro club – Connect with fellow enthusiasts for group rides, car show meetups, tech tips, and more. The Canada Council of Camaro Clubs has local chapters.
  • Mod your Camaro – Bolt-on upgrades like a cold air intake, cat-back exhaust, and tuner chip are easy ways to add horsepower and performance.
  • Attend car shows and races – Show off your prized Camaro or check out others at local Cars and Coffee meets or large shows like Importfest. Catch racing action at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park.
  • Get professional lessons – Driving schools like the BMW Performance Driving Centre offer classes to hone your high-performance driving skills on a track. Learn how to handle your Camaro at speed.
  • Detail regularly – Washing, waxing, polishing, and cleaning the engine bay will keep your Camaro looking showroom-fresh. Protect the paint from chips and install clear bra wraps.


For over 50 years, the Chevy Camaro for Sale Canada has provided thrills for drivers seeking serious performance and head-turning style. Canada gives buyers access to the latest Camaro models with value, customization, and advancement. By considering factors like budget, usage plans, and options, Canadian shoppers can land the perfect Camaro to create unforgettable driving experiences for years. Start your pony car search today and rediscover the excitement of the open road.


Unveiling the Excitement: The 2016 Polaris Slingshot

The 2016 Polaris Slingshot is an exciting new three-wheeled motorcycle taking the automotive world by storm. With its unique design and thrilling performance, this head-turning ride will deliver an unforgettable driving experience.

Powered by a 2.4-liter EcoBoost engine sourced from Ford, the Slingshot boasts an impressive 173 horsepower while tipping the scales at a mere 1,700 pounds. This gives it a power-to-weight ratio on par with many supercars. The engine’s healthy 166 ft-lbs of torque provides blistering acceleration, rocketing the Slingshot from 0-60 mph in an estimated 4.9 seconds.

Yet despite its radical styling and performance, the Slingshot maintains composed handling thanks to its incorporated roll hoops and double-wishbone suspension. This keeps the ride feeling planted and controlled when cornering hard or blasting down straightaways.

Exciting Exterior Styling

One look at the Polaris Slingshot is enough to see that it is no ordinary vehicle. Its futuristic exterior styling is dripping with dramatic curves and angular lines that will turn heads wherever it goes.

A Cockpit Unlike Any Other

Instead of doors, the Slingshot features a striking cockpit design entered by a sporty side pod. The absence of a complete cockpit makes entering and exiting the vehicle effortlessly easy. It enhances the open-air feel, allowing riders to experience the elements and unhindered views.

Signature Styling Cues

Several signature styling features give the Slingshot its one-of-a-kind look. These include:

  • Distinctive front grille with integrated LED accent lighting
  • Aerodynamic front fenders sweeping back over the wheels
  • Exposed chrome-accented roll bars behind the seats
  • The rear fender fades upward, ending in an integrated LED brake light
  • Side pods house the sport bucket seats

With its low-slung silhouette and daring curves, the Slingshot makes a bold styling statement unlike anything else on the road.

How many wheels does the Slingshot have?

The Slingshot has three wheels – two in the front and one in the rear.

What kind of engine does the Slingshot use?

It uses a 2.4-liter 4-cylinder EcoBoost engine sourced from Ford, producing 173 horsepower and 166 ft-lbs of torque.

How fast is the Polaris Slingshot?

It can accelerate from 0-60 mph in an estimated 4.9 seconds. Its top speed is limited to 130 mph.

Is the Slingshot considered a motorcycle or car?

In most states, it is classified as a 3-wheeled motorcycle, so it does not need to meet automotive safety standards. Riders need a motorcycle license and a helmet to operate it.

Can you add doors or a roof?

Yes, Polaris offers optional zippered side curtains and gear bags that can provide some protection from the elements while maintaining the open cockpit feel. Hard doors and roofs are not available.

Innovative Cockpit and Interior

In designing the Slingshot’s cockpit, Polaris aimed for maximum comfort, connectivity, and customization. The interior provides an immersive driving experience focused entirely on the ride.

Comfort-Focused Bucket Seats

The Slingshot features deeply bolstered bucket seats to keep riders supported and comfortable on long hauls. Offering fore, aft, and recline adjustments, the seats can be tailored to accommodate drivers of nearly any size. The seats are designed to reduce fatigue, with ample lumbar support right where drivers need it most.

State-of-the-Art Infotainment

Integrated touchscreen instrumentation keeps drivers connected, providing turn-by-turn navigation, Bluetooth smartphone integration, weather updates, and more. The 7” touchscreen display is designed for effortless usability even with gloves on.

An optional Rockford Fosgate audio system pumps high-fidelity sound with a 4-speaker system and integrated rearview camera.

Endless Customization Options

The Slingshot is highly customizable with its modular rear storage system and blank canvas cockpit. Owners can easily swap out seat covers, steering wheels, shift knobs, and more to reflect their personality.

Thrilling Performance and Handling

Where the Slingshot truly shines is its exhilarating performance and handling. With a high-output engine, lightweight construction, and race-tuned suspension, this three-wheeler delivers an unforgettable ride.

Lightning-Fast Acceleration

Step on the gas, and the Slingshot leaps forward thanks to 166 ft-lbs of torque. The engine revs eagerly towards its 6,200 RPM redline while the sport-tuned exhaust note roars. In no time, the Slingshot hits 60 mph in a blistering 4.9 seconds. Open roads transform into endless acceleration runs.

Corner-Carving Handling

Don’t let its three wheels fool you – the Slingshot easily handles curves. The low center of gravity and wide track stance let it blast through corners. The sport-tuned suspension soaks up bumps while eliminating body roll, keeping the Slingshot planted.

All-Wheel ABS Brakes

When it comes time to shed speed, the Slingshot’s four-wheel anti-lock braking system provides solid and consistent braking power. Oversized front rotors and calipers allow precise modulation for trail braking into corners.

Ride-Height Adjustability

Drivers can tailor the Slingshot’s ride height by up to two inches, allowing for curvy canyon carving or highway cruising. The hydraulic suspension ensures a smooth and controlled ride at any height.

Built With Safety in Mind

While performance takes center stage, Polaris also designed proactive safety systems for the Slingshot. Owners can ride confidently, knowing they are backed by innovative safety engineering.

Protective Exoskeletal Frame

Surrounding the cockpit is the Slingshot’s rugged steel frame. This exoskeletal design shields occupants and adds torsional rigidity for confident handling.

Roll Bars and Side Pods

Integrated rollover protection bars and rigid side pods provide additional safety to occupants. The side pods are designed to shield riders while keeping them locked.

Stability Control System

The Slingshot has a vehicle stability control system to aid control in slippery conditions. This integrates traction and electronic stability control to prevent skids if the rear wheels lose grip.

LED Lighting All-Around

For improved visibility, the Slingshot employs LED accents and headlights. LED brake lights and integrated rear turn signals also enhance the Slingshot’s presence on the road.

On the Open Road

With its radical 3-wheel design, head-turning style, and thrill-ride performance, the 2016 Polaris Slingshot will make every drive feel like an adventure. Don’t just drive – rule the road in the one-of-a-kind Slingshot.


The 2016 Polaris Slingshot represents an exciting new entry in the world of three-wheeled motorcycles. Its head-turning futuristic styling, comfortable well-equipped cockpit, and thrilling performance make it like nothing else on the road. With its lightweight construction, high-output engine, and race-tuned suspension, the Slingshot delivers an unforgettable adrenaline-pumping ride.

Yet it retains composed handling and innovative safety engineering as well. For those seeking a joyride full of fresh air and open road, the distinctive Polaris Slingshot offers the perfect blend of radical style, comfort, and sports car-rivaling excitement. This unique three-wheeler is ready to rule the road wherever adventure calls.


Campion Boats: Elevating Your Water Adventures

Campion Boats have provided Canadians with quality and dependable boats for over 40 years. As a leading Canadian boat manufacturer, Campion offers a wide range of boats perfect for fishing, exploring, watersports, and family fun. With a Campion boat, you can elevate your water adventures.

A Trusted Canadian Boat Manufacturer

Founded 1974 in Kelowna, British Columbia, Campion Boats is a family-owned and operated company. They design, engineer, and handcraft every Campion boat in Canada, paying close attention to detail and incorporating the latest technology.

Some key facts about Campion as a trusted Canadian boat manufacturer:

  • Over 40 years of boat-building expertise and [Canadian boat manufacturing] experience
  • Modern manufacturing facility located in Kelowna, BC
  • A family-owned company with a commitment to quality
  • Careful hand-layup construction techniques used
  • Rigorous quality control and testing procedures

Over the decades, Campion has continued to evolve their boat designs while keeping the needs of Canadian boaters in mind. Their extensive expertise and manufacturing standards make them a leading [Canadian boat brand].

Versatile Lineup of Campion Boats for Sale

Campion offers a versatile lineup of boats with over 30 models available. Ranging from 16 to 28 feet in length, their boats feature thoughtful designs and options for a wide range of activities.

Here is an overview of the types of [Campion boats for sale]:

Campion Explorer Boats

The Explorer lineup includes bowriders, caddies, and yacht boats from 21 to 28 feet. With plush interiors and ample storage, Explorer boats are ideal for overnight trips or extended cruising. Options like a full galley, enclosed head, and comfy cabin provide home-like amenities.

Campion Allante Bowriders

Allante bowriders range from 18 to 24 feet, with open bow seating and an aft cockpit layout. Offering versatility for watersports, fishing, and cruising standout Allante features include rear walkthrough transoms and integrated swim platforms.

Campion Chase Deck Boats

Chase deck boats combine the benefits of a bowrider and deck boat in one convenient package. Ranging from 18 to 24 feet, they provide generous seating, storage, and stability for family activities on the water. The elevated foredeck is perfect for casting lines or relaxing in the sun.

Campion Red Line Fishing Boats

The Red Line series includes fishing boats from 16 to 21 feet made for both freshwater and saltwater use. Angler-friendly amenities like live wells, rod holders, and tackle drawers cater directly to the needs of fishermen.

Where are Campion boats manufactured?

Campion boats are proudly designed, engineered, and handcrafted at Campion’s modern manufacturing facility in Kelowna, British Columbia.

What types of boats does Campion make?

Campion’s current lineup includes bowriders, caddies, deck boats, fishing boats, and cruiser yacht boats ranging from 16 to 28 feet.

How long is the warranty on Campion boats?

Every new Campion boat comes with a 5-year transferable limited warranty, one of the strongest in the industry. This covers defects in materials and artistry.

Campion FX All-Purpose Boats

The FX series offers versatile all-purpose family boats from 17 to 21 feet for those seeking one boat to do it all. Whether waterskiing, cruising, or fishing, an FX model can readily adapt to your plans.

With such a wide selection, you will indeed find a Campion boat suited to your needs. And since they are a [Canadian boat manufacturer], pricing is very competitive.

What Sets Campion Apart?

In addition to being a trusted [Canadian boat brand], certain factors set Campion boats apart from other manufacturers.

Handcrafted Quality

Skilled workers carefully handcraft every Campion boat at their Kelowna plant. They use hand-laid fiberglass construction, precision assembly, and meticulous quality control. This results in solid, durable boats built to last.

Innovative Designs

Campion designers continually refine their boat models, using the latest technology and design methods. Boat shapes are optimized for performance, handling, and efficiency. Ergonomic helm stations and functional amenities enhance the onboard experience.

Customization Options

While Campion offers complete series of boats, they also let owners customize with numerous options. You can upgrade features and accessories like tow sports towers, fishing electronics, entertainment systems, and more. This allows you to personalize your perfect multi-purpose Campion.

Responsive Handling

From the hull design to the engine configurations, Campion engineers their boats for responsive and intuitive handling. This provides a more confident, enjoyable experience for navigating or trailering your boat.

Expertise You Can Trust

With a 40-year legacy of boat-building expertise, Campion has proven their unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. This gives boat buyers peace of mind knowing they can trust Campion.

Getting the Most Out of Your Campion

Campion boats empower you to get the most out of your water adventures. Here are some tips for making the most of your Campion:

  • Perform regular maintenance – Follow Campion’s maintenance schedule to keep your boat in top shape. This prevents issues and maximizes performance.
  • Learn best practices – Take a boating safety course to learn the rules and proper techniques for loading, launching, driving, and docking your boat. This helps prevent accidents and damage.
  • Use factory-approved parts – When replacements are needed, stick with genuine Campion marine parts to ensure proper fit and operation.
  • Address problems quickly – Don’t ignore any mechanical issues. Have a certified marine technician inspect and fix problems before they worsen.
  • Get offshore safety gear – Stock your boat with essential safety equipment like lifejackets, flares, fire extinguishers, first-aid kits, and emergency radios.
  • Personalize your boat – Add convenience and comfort options like a boat cover, fishing rod holders, drink holders, storage nets, or a marine stereo system.
  • Create family memories – Get the most enjoyment by spending quality time with family and friends on your Campion. Make memories to last a lifetime!

Why Choose a Campion Boat?

Here are the top reasons to choose Campion for your next boat:

  • Trusted brand – With 40+ years as an established Canadian boat manufacturer, Campion is a name you can depend on.
  • Broad selection – With over 30 models ranging from 16 to 28 feet, you’ll find a Campion boat for your needs.
  • Innovative designs – Campion boats feature thoughtful designs optimized for performance, handling, and functionality.
  • Customization options – You can upgrade your Campion boat with many accessories and customization choices.
  • Handcrafted Quality – Meticulous hand-laid construction and stringent quality control result in durable and reliable boats.
  • Responsive performance – Campion boats are engineered for intuitive handling and smooth, responsive operation.
  • Competitive value – As a Canadian company, Campion offers very competitively priced boats compared to U.S. manufacturers.
  • Warranty – Campion provides a comprehensive 5-year warranty for added peace of mind.

Campion delivers an unbeatable combination of quality, innovation, value, and trust for your next fishing boat, bowrider, deck boat, or cruiser. Experience the Campion difference on the water.


Find Your Perfect Catch: Browse Fishing Boats for Sale

Fishing is one of the most popular outdoor recreational activities. Nothing beats the excitement of feeling that first tug on the line and reeling in your catch. To fully enjoy the fishing experience, having the right boat is vital. Whether looking for your first fishing boat or upgrading to something bigger, there are plenty of options for fishing boats for sale.

Types of Fishing Boats for Sale

There are several main types of fishing boats to choose from when looking for your next vessel. The most common categories include:

  • Bass boats – Designed for freshwater bass fishing, with an elevated casting deck and plenty of storage for tackle and gear. Bass boats are usually aluminum or fiberglass.
  • Bay boats – Versatile powerboats well-suited for protected coastal waters and calm rivers. Bay boats offer stability and open layouts.
  • Flats boats – Purpose-built for saltwater flats fishing in shallow waters. Flats boats have skinny drafts and often feature polling platforms.
  • Offshore boats – Big, seaworthy boats built for offshore big game fishing. Offshore boats offer extended range and heavy-duty equipment.
  • Bowriders/deck boats – Family-friendly fishing boats with open bow sections. Bowriders and deck boats offer stability and ample seating.

Each category has a range of sizes, layouts, and capabilities. Carefully consider where and how you plan to fish to select the correct type of boat.

What length boat is best for fishing?

Ideal fishing boat length depends on factors like fishing location, number of people, and towing vehicle capacity. Generally, 16 to 18 feet works well for solo anglers and smaller waters, while 20+ feet provides more room for additional passengers and gear for larger lakes.

Is it better to buy new or used fishing boats?

Both new and used fishing boats have advantages. New boats offer the latest designs, warranties, and technology. Used boats are more affordable and often come well-equipped. Evaluate condition, pricing, and value when deciding.

What should I look for when viewing a used fishing boat?

When viewing a used boat, look for signs of damage on the hull, carpet, seats, and storage compartments. Test drive it to ensure good engine performance. Have a mechanic inspect the engine compression and electronics. Check registrations and documentation as well.

Key Features to Look for When Buying a Fishing Boat

When comparing different fishing boats for sale, there are several key features to evaluate:

  • Propulsion – Outboard, inboard, and trolling motors each have pros and cons. Consider speed, thrust, maintenance, and tank capacity.
  • Electronics – Fishfinder sonars, GPS units, and marine radios are essential fishing boat electronics. Evaluate onboard systems.
  • Livewells – Built-in fish boxes and aerated livewells safely hold your catch. Look for large, insulated live wells.
  • Rod storage – Interior and exterior rod holders and storage racks safely secure fishing rods while underway.
  • Anchoring – Anchors, ropes, cleats, and trolleys allow you to hold position over fishing spots.
  • Seating – Helm and aft seating should be comfortable and support long days on the water.

Prioritize the most useful features for the bodies of water you’ll be fishing regularly. The ideal fishing boat will have the right blend of performance, disability, and utility for your needs.

Finding Fishing Boats for Sale in Your Area

Once you’ve settled on the type of fishing boat you want, it’s time to search for specific vessels for sale. Here are some recommendations on where to find options:

  • Online classifieds – Sites like Craigslist often list local fishing boats for sale by owner. Be sure to view any boat before purchasing.
  • Boat dealerships – Visit local marine dealers to see new and used models. Dealers can also help with financing and accessories.
  • Boat shows – Attend a local boat show to see and compare a variety of makes and models in one place.
  • Marinas – Ask local marinas about fishing boats for sale in your area. Marinas often know about boats that have yet to be publicly listed.
  • Fishing forums – Join fishing message boards and Facebook groups to connect with people selling boats in your region.

Cast a wide net when searching by checking all of these resources. Comparing multiple boats is the best way to find the vessel that checks all your boxes.

Inspecting and Comparing Fishing Boats for Sale

When you find promising fishing boats for sale, schedule a thorough inspection before making any purchasing decisions:

  • Test drive – Schedule an extensive test drive to evaluate handling, performance, electronics, and ease of launch and retrieval.
  • Engine and systems – Have a marine mechanic inspect the engine, wiring, bilges, electronics, steering, and fuel system.
  • Hull condition – Check for cracks, damage, leaks, or other hull, deck, and interior issues. Knock on the hull to listen for voids.
  • Safety equipment – Ensure required safety gear like life jackets, throwable flotation devices, fire extinguishers, and distress signals are onboard.
  • Registrations – Review current registration stickers and documentation to ensure they are up to date.
  • Overall maintenance – Look for signs of neglect like corrosion, mildew, and poor upkeep. Well-maintained boats are best.

Comparing multiple boats side-by-side makes it easier to find issues and see which vessel is the best value for your fishing needs. Take your time with a purchase before thoroughly inspecting each system.

Top Places to Find Fishing Boats for Sale in Ontario

Ontario is a premier fishing destination with abundant lakes, rivers, and shorelines. For anglers based in Ontario, you’ll have plenty of options when shopping locally for a fishing boat. Here are some of the top places to find fishing boats for sale in Ontario:

  • Lake Simcoe – A productive fishery close to Toronto, Lake Simcoe is a hotspot for bass, walleye, and panfish. Check around Barrie, Orillia, and Georgina.
  • Thousand Islands – The St. Lawrence River channels around the Thousand Islands hold bass, pike, muskie, walleye, and more.
  • Ottawa River – Flowing along the Ontario and Quebec border, the Ottawa River has spectacular walleye, pike, bass, and muskie opportunities.
  • Georgian Bay – Part of Lake Huron, Georgian Bay is renowned for its clear waters, granite islands, and diverse fishery.

Wherever you plan to fish most in Ontario, look nearby to find a selection of new and used fishing boats for sale ready for local waters.

Top Aluminum Fishing Boats for Sale

Aluminum fishing boats offer many benefits, making them an intelligent choice for anglers. Some of the top aluminum fishing boat models and brands to look for include:

  • Lund Alaskan – Rugged, welded aluminum construction in various fishing-friendly layouts. They are known for their stability and durability.
  • Lowe Roughneck – Large aluminum fishing boats with ample power and storage space. Customizable layouts.
  • Alumacraft Trophy – All-welded construction optimized for tournament fishing. Spacious casting decks and lockable storage.
  • Crestliner PT 18 – Compact yet stable aluminum boat with an open floor plan. Great for small lakes and rivers.
  • Tracker Pro Guide V-16 – Roomy interior with Pro-Series II hull and rotating co-pilot chair. They are tuned for bass fishing.

Aluminum provides strength and durability while remaining lightweight. Look for stable, corrosion-resistant aluminum boats built to handle years of fishing.

Finding the Right Fishing Boat for Sale Near You

To find the perfect fishing boat for sale near your location, follow these steps:

  • Make a list of your must-have features – Your boat needs to match how and where you fish. Focus on necessities like size, power, and layout.
  • Set a budget – Research pricing to set a realistic budget. Consider the cost of the boat, motor, trailer, gear, insurance, and maintenance.
  • Search local listings – Check online classifieds, dealership websites, and forum sale sections. Expand your search area as needed.
  • Act quickly on promising listings – Boats in great shape at fair prices go fast. Be ready to view and buy once you find a match.
  • Attend boat shows – Try to attend local boat shows where you can see many options from multiple dealers.


Finding the ideal fishing boat for sale to match your needs and budget is exciting. Focus on choosing a boat suited for the fishing you do most often and the bodies of water you frequent. Evaluate layout, performance, electronics, and disability when comparing options. Consider buying used boats to get more value.

With good research and shopping tactics, you can find the perfect fishing boat for sale ready to take you to the fish this season. Soon you’ll be landing trophy catches from the comfort of your new vessel!