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We’re Edmonton-based motor sports finance and insurance experts who have been helping clients across Alberta purchase machines for over 50 years. We provide turnkey finance options for new and used snowmobiles, ATVs, quads, side-by-sides, utility vehicles, watercraft, motorcycles, trailers, boats, and more. We pride ourselves on offering top-notch customer service and aim to make financing a simple and transparent process for each and every buyer. We understand that each financial situation is unique and we will work with you to determine your best foot forward.


To apply for motorsports financing, please either complete our online submission form by Clicking Here or call us on 587-806-4214

Loan amounts will depend on your own individual circumstances.

We aim to contact you within 24 hours of your applying with us. One of our finance specialists will talk you through the process and arrange everything with the lender who has accepted the application. In some cases, we can sort the finance within as little as a few hours. The turnaround from application to the collection will normally depend on what proofs are requested from the lender we have you accepted and how quickly you can send them to us.

A lender will perform a credit check once we submit your application to them. This is to check your credit worthiness. Superbike Loans may perform a pre-screening check upon application to help us match you with a lender. This will not leave a footprint on your credit file.

Yes, as part of a finance application you will be required to produce some documentation. This will vary slightly depending on the lender.

We make it possible to let you have the moment when the dream of owning a vehicle becomes a reality 

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